The Nordic Swan Ecolabel name and mark is intellectual property belonging to the Nordic Ecolabelling organisations.. Only organisations that have obtained a licence for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are allowed to display the Nordic Swan Ecolabel on their products and services. Organisations without a license can only use the mark


Nordic Ecolabels. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an environmental labeling system that contributes to sustainable consumption and production. It is one of the world's toughest and most recognized environmental certifications. Being approved for the Nordic Ecolabel is a long process that requires a great amount of documentation.

The non-profit Nordic ‘Swan’ Ecolabel is a voluntary license designed to help companies make and indicate products to the consumer that are more sustainable. It is the official ecolabel for the Nordic countries with the EU Flower as its EU equivalent. … The Nordic Swan Ecolabel label – the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries. Founded by the governments in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden back in 1989, the scheme covers both goods and services. Criteria have been specified for nearly 60 product groups. More than 25 000 products are licenced.

Nordic swan ecolabel standard

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The. fulfill our strict requirements for their products and/or services and who choose to label their products with the voluntary Nordic Swan. Ecolabel, will achieve a  More than 280 products have been evaluated for Personal Care according to Nordic Ecolabeling Standard for Cosmetic Products. Legend table. For example, using heavy metals or chlorine treatment (Superwash) during production is not allowed. These strict standards benefit both the environmental and  When new criteria are approved, a company must re-apply for a licence and fulfill the new requirements. This is the same procedure for an EU Ecolabel.

Med en gemensam standard för bedömningar och ett lättanvänt webbsystem för att for buildingproducts that can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings.”. se där du kan hitta våra produkter alternativt 

Standardblock med perforering upptill. Block med omslag som är limmat Miljömärkningar : EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan. Arkets färg : Vit. Omslagsfärg : Grå. Types and sizes, Standard Tray - Plain, Inkjet, Glossy, Recycled (Landscape- A4, Standard tray capacity, 100 sheets Nordic Swan Ecolabel,ENERGY STAR. I Tyskland är marknadskravet för GS-märket starkt.

Nordic swan ecolabel standard

The Nordic Swan is an independent multi- national EU Ecolabel system “Flower” and guaran- tees a certain environmental standard. The objective of SWAN is 

Nordic swan ecolabel standard

Nordic Ecolabel is also commonly known as the “The Swan”. WHAT IS NORDIC ECOLABELLED FURNITURE/FITMENTS? The Nordic Ecolabel is an official label and a standard specifying absolute requirements.

Nordic swan ecolabel standard

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel was established in 1989 and is a voluntary ecolabelling scheme for the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland). The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is applicable to a wide range of consumer categories, with textiles being one of these. The Scandinavian eco label enjoys worldwide kudos for its high standards. What makes the Nordic Swan logo the trailblazer? One certificate that enjoys particular confidence among both the public and manufacturers in Nordic countries is the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – sibling to the wider-used EU Ecolabel ‘Flower’ – which works to reduce the overall environmental impact of both production Nordic Swan Ecolabel 102/1.0 03 April 2017 Consultation draft for Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Renovation 5 (68) Types of buildings for which renovation can be Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Part of the product group delimitation is the definition of which types of buildings are included in the product group “Nordic Swan Ecolabelled renovations”. The Miljømærkning Danmark har ansvaret for Danmarks officielle miljømærker – Svanemærket og EU-Blomsten.
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Nordic swan ecolabel standard

Swan Ecolabelled sanitary product has a low environmental impact compared to other products in the same category and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel show that the product fulfils strict environmental requirements. A lower environmental and health impact is achieved by prohibiting chemicals harmful to In 1989, the Nordic Council of Ministers decided to introduce a voluntary official ecolabel, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

EU Flower; Blue Angel; Nordic Swan; TCO. Detta framgår av rapporten "Circular Economy and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Suuntos båtkompasser blir standard på Swan- och Baltic-båtar, och nästan alla  Bambo nature has earned the Nordic swan eco-label, asthma-allergy Denmark, MASTER BEARING INSTALL KIT DANA 44 STANDARD.
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New guidelines make the Keyhole even greener. Installation af gadelys. 26.02.21 | Nordic Swan Ecolabel flying high in Nordic skies. See more. Events. 24Mar 

UK Eco-labelling Board established then becomes EU Ecolabel Competent Body. 1998. Review of EU Ecolabel uptake by the UK Government. Established in 1992 and recognised across Europe and worldwide, the EU Ecolabel is a label of environmental excellence that is awarded to products and services meeting high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle: from raw material extraction, to production, distribution and disposal.The EU Ecolabel promotes the circular economy by encouraging producers to generate less … The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official Nordic environmental label. The aim of the label is to reduce the impact on the environment for the benefit of humans, animals and the Earth’s resources. To be awarded this label, a product must meet a range of stringent requirements in all applicable phases of its life cycle as well as in the chemicals it uses. Nordic Ecolabel.