Hawaii Fishing Moon Phases. Kona Fishing Tides and Weather Forecasts for The Big Island of Hawaii. The table below provides local Tides for Kona Hawaii as well as local weather forecasts, wave height and swell forecasts, information on sunrise and sunset times and current moon phase data. Click on the tabs across the top of the table to select the


This Property is Located on Puako Beach Drive Which Intersects the Bike Portion of the Kona Ironman Race Course Held Each October. This Property is Near 

Today is a spring tide so low tide will be lower and high tide will be higher than usual. Tides in Kailua-Kona today The predicted tides today for Kailua-Kona (HI) are: first high tide at 4:43am , first low tide at 10:50am ; second high tide at 5:35pm , 4/23/2021: The tide now in Kailua Kona, HI is falling.Next high tide is 1:46 am.Next low tide is 7:25 pm.Sunset today is 6:42 PM.Sun rise tomorrow is 5:54 AM.The moon phase is Waxing Gibbous tonight. Today's Solunar Fishing Times for Kailua-Kona, United States According to our calculations, today Apr 16, 2021 has a 3 out of 4 rating ( ) and is a good day for fishing. The current moonphase is a Waxing Crescent and 19 percent of the moon is visible. NOTE: Tides for Kona are based on Hilo Tides The Daily Tide Predictions forKona On the Big Island of Hawaii can be placed in your web site by copying and pasting the following code: In some areas of the world, tides and moon phases are the most important factor when choosing your fishing day(s). Here in Kona, the current is king!

Kona tides for fishing

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Bathymetry. Points of Interest. Regional Info. Forecast by Buoyweather.

View Kailua Kona Fishing Reports. Kailua Kona Fishing Prediction Optimal fishing activity will be between 4 - 8 AM on Sunday. Target Species of Fish Based on historical data in Kailua Kona, you should target one of the following top 6 species for this time of year: Blue Marlin - 33.67% Catch Rate; Spearfish - 31.63% Catch Rate; Mahi-mahi - 13

Sometimes the tide chart will be accurate, sometimes it won’t be, but in this podcast, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about tides so you can get better at planning your fishing trips and catch more fish. The next low Tide will be at 03:08 pm with a predicted level of 0.23 ft and the last high Tide for today will be at 11:01 pm with water at the 1.97 ft mark.

Kona tides for fishing

Thanks to the deep sea shelf just a few miles off the coast of Kona, the Big Island's deep sea fishing is nearly unparalleled throughout the world. Aboard 

Kona tides for fishing

On an outgoing tide, you can catch a lot of fish because they're  Sportfishing in the world famous waters off Kailua Kona Hawaii. Come try to catch the biggest fish swimming or just enjoy a day at sea! Read more. Additional Data. Sea Surface Height. Currents.

Kona tides for fishing

x These raw data have not been subjected to the National Ocean Service's quality control or quality assurance procedures and do not meet the criteria and standards of official National Ocean Service data. Hawaii Tide Chart and Moon Calendar for Kona Hawaii. Printable tide charts and solunar tables for Kona Hawaii. Moon phase calendar for Kona Hawaii. Fishing Season Calendar You can always check out my fish Photos Page to see what I've been catching lately and I do the Kona Hawaii fishing Tides 4 fishing for Honolulu, Hawaii in 2016 Kailua tide chart key: The tide chart above shows the height and times of high tide and low tide for Kailua.
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Kona tides for fishing

Vi använder oss av vindsurfingbrädan Kona One som är en egen  NN 72 2.626612 winawa NN 72 2.626612 whites NNS 72 2.626612 kona FW 72 0.912018 of- NN 25 0.912018 Best JJS 25 0.912018 tides NNS 25 0.912018 0.912018 hA NNP 25 0.912018 ein FW 25 0.912018 Fishing NN 25 0.912018  CUSA08042, Rapala Fishing: Pro Series, UP0283-CUSA08042_00-RAPALAFISHING000-U001, 1.08 GB, en-AR en-US. 3327. CUSA04899. Duke Nukem 3D:  "Gold Dust Woman" og Donna Summers` "MacArthur Park" i en forrykende versjon sammen med kona , Jessie Colter. Tides- Resurface Gone fishing mm  VAA EN KONA MUSIK HETA LUST- SITUAGÅD- TION ANA MONTENEGOTOPP 7 ALLA TIDES STOMAKNAD Färsk fläskfilé Danish Crown, danskt griskött, fishing.com 7:-/st nu Sonax hårdvax yds 10MC ubbing/bilpolish Sommartider,  Fishing Boats, High Performance Boats, Houseboats, Pontoon / Deck Boats, PWC HYUNDAI KONA, 2019 KUBOTA M7-152 DELUXE POWERSHIFT TRACTOR, HAMMER-HEDGE TRIMMERS-PITCH FORK, HAMMERMILL 20 LB TIDAL  Fishing Boats, High Performance Boats, Houseboats, Pontoon / Deck Boats, PWC HYUNDAI KONA, 2019 KUBOTA M7-152 DELUXE POWERSHIFT TRACTOR, HAMMER-HEDGE TRIMMERS-PITCH FORK, HAMMERMILL 20 LB TIDAL  Arnone,Sarah Kendall,Yuji Okumoto,Joey Miyashima,Danny Kamekona.

Blue Marlin are the most sought after big game fish in the world. Their explosive strikes, incredible aerial acrobatics and awesome strength are a great test of an angler and their skills.
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.4 https://www.wowhd.se/dave-steffen-band-fishing-town/190394000516 .4 https://www.wowhd.se/kona-faith-center-one/888295427692 2021-01-19 https://www.wowhd.se/wayraycha-wayne-ray-chavis-christmas-tides/191061077183 

Here in Kona, the current is king! There's no way to predict it. When it runs steady (North or South), the bite is usually good unless it's running too fast. When it switches, the bite drops off. Captain Owner and Operator of FIRE HATT Sportfishing Charters in the beautiful paradise of Kona, Hawaii invites you and your family to join him for a spectacular day of big game fishing for our fabled Blue Marlin, Ono, Ahi and Spearfish. Captain Chuck Wilson has been fishing for over 35 years in California, Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, Texas and Hawaii. The tides along with today's solunar activity and weather forecasts all combine to achieve a Strike Score rating for this tide station.