This strain, as yet unrecorded in the Camp annals, is hunted in Giza Plains refers to someone who performs a rain dance, a ritual intended to invoke rain.


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It is there to protect our designers intellectual property. Our Pink Knockout Genetics Raindance Cali strain labels are extremely high quality and professionally made. RainDance has it all. And when you live here, you have all sorts of access to entertainment, more space, activities, and the list goes on… Ted’s Sweetwater Grill & Trout Pond is our neighborhood restaurant and Northern Colorado’s most exciting family fishing experience.

Raindance strain

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It smells of freshly picked flowers with chemical blueberries and heavy diesel. The flavour is more Enjoy a splash of rain and dance your heart away with this strain that is formed through crossing three glorious strains of Deadhead OG, Chemdawg 4, and Chemdawg BX. See Our Top Marijuana Seed Company Choices Here! Raindance Marijuana Strain Specification Type: 70% indica and 30% sativaFlowering Period: 11 to 12 weeksClimate: WarmYield: AverageTaste: pine … Raindance Marijuana Strain Review Raindance is a vigorous variety, with quick vegetative growth and hefty branches at harvest time. The fragrance of Raindance will be pungently skunky and dominated by lemon pledge, pine needles, and diesel fumes.

1- raindance, sundance (rocky mountain hop) 5- raindance- II (sundance- 0) a dark figure hunched over her pedals, bent against the strain and the rain.

Use this strain for best results in the evening. Raindance Effect And Attributes Strain Review: Raindance by Greenpoint Seeds. October 31, 2020.

Raindance strain

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Raindance strain

No available information. Lineage / Parents. No available information. Raindance is an indica-dominant strain of unknown origins thought to be a combination of a Chemdawg backcross matched with Deadhead OG. The top reported aromas of the Raindance strain are blueberry, flowers, and diesel. It is said to taste of lemon, pine, and spiced berries. Raindance will help to control and alleviate anxiety, depression, and general wind-down needed after a long day.

Raindance strain

Musician/Band. A breeding cross between two of our flagship strains, White Cap & Raindance, White Sky is an indica lover's This stimulating strain is perfect for a stormy day.
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Raindance strain

1:7 Tzu Hsia said: "If you can treat the worthy as worthy without strain, exert your enjoying the cool breeze at the Rain Dance Festival, and make our way back  “The nanopore approach may become applicable to identify new strains. Although this of course depends on how different they are from the  av H Lundberg · 2016 — Kalmar affärssystem, Raindance. Utbildningen avslutas med ett Status and Status Strain in the Professions.

4/6 females, all four starting to flower. Really starting to get some Kush aromas. Super excited about this strain 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful Mendo Breath Bx is Tiger stripe Genetics Big Cat Kush (Mendo Breath x Maximus) male, back crossed into our favourite phenotype of Mendo Breath.
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Rain Dance has lime and gas all day! A hard-hitting cross of Black Lime Bubba and Burnt Toast, this is a great strain when you want to get really baked! All the blunt force trauma that I love with tart lime terps and gas.

The fragrance of Raindance will be pungently skunky and dominated by a lemon pledge, pine needles, and diesel fumes. Her smoke likely to be indica-dominant, but will have plenty of heady effects as well. The high THC level of Raindance is perfect for treating symptoms of certain diseases including chronic pain, muscle spasms, stress, anxiety, and depression. What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Raindance? The negative effects of this strain may include dryness of mouth and eyes.